VÖ: 04.11.2002

Mitschnitt der Radiosendung PIZZA & COKE vom 04.11.2002 im Freien Radio Stuttgart


Nerds – Haunted Nuclear Farm

Lili Z. – Guess Who I Am

Stilettos – Evil Brown

Trashcan Darlings – Nancy Boys With Tommy Guns

Chargers Streetgang – Hey Guys Thanks For Believing In Me

Paybacks – Don’t Lay It On Me

Heroines – You’re A Bore

Baseball Furies – Isolated Fits

Pulses – Go Go Machine

Distraction – Know Your Place

Böslinge – Polizeistaat

OHL – Türkenlied

Duane Peters And The Hunns – This Old Road

Strap Ons – Punk Pioneer

Vennaskond – 15

Das ist Walter – Anarhija

Fraebbblarnir – Heaven Needed A Lead Singer

Wimps – Rock’n’Roll Hurts

Barseros – Selfdestruction Button

Starfish – Supercool

Les Thugs – Flags

Hypnolovewheel – KMG 366

Celibate Rifles – Sometimes

Mr. Right And Mr. Wrong

Negative FX – Feel Like A Man

Pantyboy – Suburbia

Riff Randells – M.O.

Manges – I Hate Rats

Dee Dee Ramone – I Got A Right To Love

Terrorgruppe – Dee Dee


v.a. pizza and coke 38 frontv.a. pizza and coke 38 back